Paride Mirabilio was born in Pescara, 30 October 1989; his still remembers his childhood spent

in Cervia with tenderness. He returns regularly to Itlay's central country side where he lives on his 

family's farm. He graduated in Architecture and Design at the art school in Pescara and enrolled

at the Univeristy G. D'Annunzio - abandoning his studies after only one year, focussing on different


In 2012, he began a fruitful four-hands collaboration with Alessandra Antonucci.

Initially they worked together as a costume and set designers for theater workshops, they continues

as costume designer for Regina (Queen Italian Tribute Band) and dealt with various approaches of

art and tailoring.

At the same time, Paride carries out research on himself through photography with some

self-portraits and graphic projects. As Pop-Art refined, he is a renewing and bringing back to the

roots the self-portrait, in his apparently simple pictures, where the contorted and bony body is

present and absent at the same time. A naked, inconsolable, abandoned body - waiting for

something, but also unusual, lively and charming Narcissus. A rarefied light to look for suspension

and grey contrasts, new asymmetries. Triangle and circle are recurring shapes in Paride’s visions,

while back and hands are recurring in self-portraits.


In 2013 he was noticed and published by The Irrepressibles with a cover reworking he had designed


In 2014, Paride moved to Berlin searching for new inspirations, where he started as a model.

On the occasion of the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, he was modeling for emerging

designers, including VITA DATURA, ZL by Zlism, RICHARD KNAUER, ANDREY BARTENEV, Ivana Pilja

and TZUJI. In parallel he continued his research through photography, letting yourself discover slowly in the Berliner environment. Taking part at the collective exhibition "New Artists" in 2015 at The Ballery, in the heart of the city where had the opportunity for the first time to present himself with one of his works: "ATTEMPT". An investigation on the physical perception of space and sensuality of the body, an attempt to give a physical form to the unknown. 


In 2016 Paride participated in the collective "Modernism Exhibition" at Rebecca Fine Art Gallery in Palm Springs, California, with two of his black and white self-portraits snapped right in front of the window of his bedroom - the one where during his teenage years he were dreaming about his future. He further appeared in the film "EXODUS - Die Flucht Der Kinder". After the recording in Berlin he returns to Italy for health reasons to an isolated farmhouse where his family lives, fighting with ideas of impurity and worthlessness.

In 2017 he took his self-portraits to Bogotà, exhibiting in the Galerìa El Garaje, where he participated in the photographic exhibition "En Carne Propia" with "Autoritratto a Berlino" a self-portrait in black and white from 2014 "but it looks like an old photograph from the 19th century". Meanwhile he began a course in Pescara at the Istituto di Moda Burgo, deciding after to return to Berlin, where he continued his artistic work, initially worked in the Wisura atelier. At the same time his photos arrived at the M-ART, art fair in Bogotà.

In 2018 he and Jamie Irrepressible came together again with model/actors Valentin Braun and Pierre Emo to create a visceral world of visuals. These to portray the emotional and sexual intensity of the first singles Dominance and Submission from The Irrepressibles forthcoming album. These powerfully homosexual images  have made up the cover artwork and the iconography of the campaign and have recently been collaged into a music video by Istanbul based director Mertcan Mertbilek.

In 2019 Paride continues his artistic path and focusing work on his own fashion capsule..


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